my clueless shopping adventure in Los Angeles

When G and I were in LA, we watched one of the food channels the night before we decided to go try Umami Burger. (Next post)

Even though we have both been to LA before, neither of us done any of the touristy things, so decided to go to Hollywood and walk around and see what the big fuss was about. We even contemplated about visiting Disneyland since I have never been to this mythical place. Lol. This is also our day together without any of my relatives, so it was nice to be able to spend the rest of our LA trip together, with just the two of us.

Naturally, we gravitated toward visiting farmers markets, food shops, and restaurants. I also have a thing for chocolates and thinking about bringing some local-made chocolates back for friends, I decided to have a look around the touristy sites and see what comes up.

What I found was that most of the things sold in LA are made somewhere else and that  some of the shop girls in LA really thought I was a tourist. Lol. I have never thought of myself as one though I probably am (was) one.

Anyway, at this particular chocolate shop where after much browsing around, I asked if the chocolates are made on-site.

The shop girl replied, “Oh, it’s made in the, USA.”

I was kind of puzzled by her answer but didn’t think much of it at the time. It didn’t dawn on me immediately that perhaps she thought I was from somewhere else.

So I asked again, “Are these chocolates made locally?”

The shop girl replied, “THEY ARE MADE in the USA.”

I proceeded to find out where, “But are they made here?”

Shop girl, “Here? As in this shop? [LOL] No,  but they’re made in the USA.”

Puzzled over why she’s referring to “USA” in every sentence, I asked again, “Where? In what part of Los Angeles?”

Shop girl replied [a bit exasperated], “No, they’re made in the USA, made in Colorado, that’s in the USA.”

I made a disappointed face because the chocolates weren’t made locally.

I thought to myself — Well, that was helpful.

G heard the exchange and gently nudged me out of the shop at that point, and far from others before he uttered, “Wow honey, stop prosecuting the woman.”

“But…but…but…I was just trying to find out whether those chocolates were locally made. Why was she withholding information from me? I practically had to drag the answer from her.”

G gave me this incredulous look and said, “Hm. You mean you didn’t know that she thought you were a tourist from another country?”

I still giggle over that incident. So funny, yet I have never thought about that. Both the shop girl and I have been in the same [clueless] boat albeit in opposing ends. LOL.

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    • Thanks, I wrote it b/c I realized how hilarious the whole situation was. I was so fixated about the whole local-made chocolates thing. I did find some local-made chocolates after that, but in a different store.

  1. Girl, you couldn’t have been with me. I would have went to her and said this really slow “I am asking you, where was this made because I support locally grown products, do you know what is? Let’s say it together…” lmao. I would have gotten us kicked out of the store lol. Great story.

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