shopping & naughtiness @ Farmers Market

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We had a fun day at the Farmers Market when we were in LA. Food was okay, but Omg, I had the most fun shopping for stickers. There’s a shop there that sells all kinds of cool stickers. I must have spent like 45 minutes just browsing around.

As for browsing, did you know that there’s a porn shop inside the FM?

Okay, I am kidding.

But there is a shop that sells HOT sauce. I mean really…there are more than 100 brands of hot sauces out there with mild to very naughty and dirty names with some hilariously graphic pictures. It was like going into a hot sauce porn shop. Lol.  Sorry to disappoint, but they don’t allow pictures, so you will just have to go there or imagine it somehow.

Farmers Market | 6333 West 3rd Street | Los Angeles, CA

6 responses to “shopping & naughtiness @ Farmers Market

  1. after seeing this pics all i want is a muffaletta!! i’ve been at the farmers market but somehow missed the gumbo pot! 😦

    • Hi bigcities, thanks for commenting on my post on the Los Angeles Farmers’ Market. To be honest, we thought the food was just ok there, but we did have a great time. If you really like muffaletta, you need to try it from the origin, New Orleans. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you visit again. 🙂

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