dinner @ Three Spice Thai Kitchen

Three Spice Thai Kitchen is located in a quiet stretch of Gardena. It’s close by to Torrance but the prices are a tad cheaper. Friends suggested All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ but I wasn’t in the mood.  Instead, I saw a little Thai place across the street and wanted to go there instead.

Thai food was good but what we had in SF is better I think, and we also ordered the dishes without spice because friends cannot eat spicy foods. I only took pictures of the appetizers because it got kind of hectic after that. Lol. The restaurant is tiny and the decor is minimal, but it was comfortable.

What we had:

  • Tofu Satay (good)
  • Lamb Satay (i did not have, but G said it was good)
  • Shrimp Rolls (it’s ok)
  • Shrimp Pad Thai (meh)
  • Pineapple Fried Rice (good)
  • Chicken Gra Prow (hard to say since we ask for not spicy)
  • Thai Iced Tea (too sweet)

Tofu Satay

Shrimp Rolls

Lamb Satay

Three Spice Thai Kitchen | 16400 South Western Avenue | Gardena, CA

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6 responses to “dinner @ Three Spice Thai Kitchen

    • Thanks for visiting M&M from FOTC! Yeah, they look great, but tasted kinda of bland though. May try to make some if I have time and see if I fare better.

  1. Okay I admit it foodtable, I am not much of a tofu person and you probably couldn’t beat me to try it again lol. But that Lamb Satay, I can definitely be convinced to try that all day long lol. Very nice post.

    • Hey there Babygirl, I think you are like my 3 readers. Lol. Thanks for coming by again. The tofu satay was good! I highly encourage you to try them in a Thai place. I recommend them in Chinese and Japanese cuisines too, but those are hard to measure because the chefs usually interpret them differently so you may not always know how they come out. I did not have the lamb satay in this restaurant, but my friends all loved it, so pretty sure they are good. Nice find in a not touristy part of town.

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