dinner @ Golden City Seafood Restaurant

Watercress Soup

Summer Squash with pork slices

Luffa Squash with Beef and Tree Ears

Beef Stew & Tendon with Daikon in Clear Broth

Crispy-fried noodles with 3 types of mushrooms

Friends of my family took us here one night when we were visiting them in Los Angeles. Very interesting ordering selections and good food although they ordered a lot…

Golden City Seafood Restaurant | 108 N. Garfield Ave | Monterey Park, CA
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4 responses to “dinner @ Golden City Seafood Restaurant

  1. The beef stew and the crispy fried noodles look amazing! I love when you do restaurant reviews. Actually I don’t because I start to get hungry but I can’t stay away from your blog lol. Nice post as always 🙂

    • Thanks, I forgot to mention that the beef stew pot is actually a speciality at this restaurant which is why they brought us here in the first place. Lol.

  2. FT – your posts always make me hungry!!!!! I LOVE your new look, too!

  3. Beef Stew Pot a specialty at Golden City Seafood Restaurant! I love it…your family orders resemble mine, makes me happy just looking.

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