dinner @ MiLa

Interior of MiLa

Petit Sirah - Huntington, Napa 2008

Shrimp Toast Appetizer (on the house)

sweet potato rolls with lima bean spread and butter

Deconstructed Oyster Rockerfeller


Delicious food, gracious & professional service, and exceptional experience all the way around.

I can’t top it with any other experience I have thus far.  This includes my dining experiences from a few places I have visited in the recent years…  Southern hospitality is real and alive and I am highly, highly impressed. Thank you New Orleans.

Sorry everyone..the photos came out all strange due to lighting. I did not use my better camera and instead used my cellphone to take these and the tinge of blue is due to the flash, but without the flash, the pictures would be completely dark because of the interior of the restaurant has very low lights for ambiance.  And lovely ambiance it was, just bad for photographing food. 😦

If you are in Nola, please pay a visit to MiLa.  I fell head over heels in luv over each course and every bite, and I think you will, too.

What I had:

The deconstructed oysters were so good!  There’s a layer of spinach purée at the bottom, oyster, and top with bacon.

And the Grouper was deliciously delightful done slightly crispy on the outside and deliciously flaky.  (My guess is that it was pan-fried and then probably pop into oven for about 5 minutes or so to firm up the inside.)  I think this is now a favorite fish dish of mine.  I will probably be looking for grouper dishes back home and see how they do it.

MiLa | 817 Common Street | New Orleans, LA 70112

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  1. Deconstructed oysters … ft, you are wonderful! Also, thank you sooooo much for the SF info, really. Have very, very happy holidays xo iz

    • your welcome! 🙂
      By the way, I forgot to include a must visit at the Buena Vista for a cup of Irish Coffee. YUMMY.

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