Baos @ Chairman Bao Bun Truck

A couple of days ago (day after Thanksgiving), we ran into the Kung Fu Taco Truck and the Chairman Bao Bun Truck in front of the Chronicle’s building at 5th and Mission.  If you remember from my post earlier, I wrote that the bao truck ran out of food…

Well, lo and behold, second chances do happen–

We ran into the bao truck in front of the Rockit Room on Clement last night.

And got to try their 2 very popular baos: Duck bao and the pork belly bao.

unanimously, we like their pork belly bao.  YUM

Their baos are a bit more expensive than you would get them at Chinese bakeries, but given that it’s a food mobile and have usual gourmet fillings, we will buy and try ’em.
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3 responses to “Baos @ Chairman Bao Bun Truck

  1. Hey! I am unfamiliar with bao. So I must ask, is all bao steamed or would frying it change it’s classification to a won ton or something else?

    • Hi fogcityfoodie,
      Baos are the Chinese word for buns. The food truck offers both steamed or baked baos. For the steamed, they offers what you would get when you order peking ducks in restaurant…the flat steam bread. You kinda have to eat this fast or else it gets soggy and it becomes yucky. For their baked buns, they offered what looked like a baked chinese pork bun except there’s no filling and the pork belly are piled in w/ pickled radish and eaten like a hamburger. And no, it does not turn them into a wonton or anything like that if you fry them. I will try to post different pictures of different baos for upcoming posts to clarify. Also, maybe a post on Chinese donuts too because that seem to loop into what you are probably thinking. Hope this helps and thanks for reading 🙂

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