group lunch @ Bing Crosby’s Restaurant

My coworkers and I decided to come to this restaurant for lunch the other day.  Prior to this, one of our other coworker who does a lot of event planning decided this is a good place to go, so we were very excited and probably held some high expectations.

I have to say that their service was pretty friendly and I do like the decor of the restaurant though it is a theme restaurant, but the food was just so-so.

Throughout the entire meal, I heard my coworkers complaining about their food:  shrimp was overdone, salmon too oily, bread wasn’t tasty enough, etc.

I had the “Road to Morocco” dish, an appetizer plate with mezzes and pita bread and olives, so I think I had the best dish because you can’t really mess that up.

IMHO, their crab cakes are pretty good too, but small, so if you like to share, Don’t. 🙂   One dish I do like a lot from this restaurant is their molten chocolate cake and according to our server, it was made in-house from scratch. YUMMY.

The traffic on Main Street going toward this restaurant was insane and did not help our experience.  My coworker who drove us started rattling all the reasons why she doesn’t like Walnut Creek…

“What do people do around here except shop and hold expensive purses, pooches, and drive big SUVs?   Do they just circle around here all day?!?  After they shop, they are probably going to a SSSSPPPPPPAAAA, and then they are probably going to meet their friend Buffy and have cocktails!”


This coming from a woman that I had no idea would say such things.

Got to love my coworkers. Funny bunch.  But I disagree about living in Walnut Creek though.  It’s not San Francisco, but I do like it.  And hey, nothing wrong with meeting Buffy and having cocktails in my opinion.  Especially if Buffy is treating. 🙂

Bing Crosby’s Restaurant | 1342 Broadway Plaza | Walnut Creek, CA 94596