pavé aux amandes @ patisseries le Ryad

patisseries le Ryad

pave aux amandes


It has been a few weeks since I came back from Montreal, yet I am still quite smitten with it.   Something about that city…  I don’t know.   Maybe I just need to travel  more often…  😉

Totally different type of energy but I like it.

One of the simple, yet yummy things I found in Marche Jean-Talon (read my write-up on Marche Jean-Talon) in Montreal is this delicious Pave Aux Amandes.  Took a bite, rolled my eyes back in bliss…  Also, there’s a crepe place right by the patisserie, and you can get a really good hot chocolate across the way, so really, you can’t beat it.

Patisseries le Ryad is located inside the Marche Jean-Talon.
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