dinner @ Pasta Pomodoro


Pasta Pomodoro's Kitchen



Bread & Special Blend Oil

Tortellini Soup

Risotto Funghi

Panna Cotta


Relaxing atmosphere, friendly service, and no-fuss cook-to-order food.  What’s not to like?

Pasta Pomodoro | 3611 California Street | San Francisco, CA 94118

2 responses to “dinner @ Pasta Pomodoro

  1. That looks nothing like any Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to. That said the closest thing I get to fine Italian cuisine is one of the many Zizzi restaurant locations I drag my little terrors into for a quick bite. that said they’re one of the better chain restaurants in the UK but I would love to be able to dine at in an Italian cuisine restaurant where you can actually watch them prep your food. I think it would be so interesting. Your food pics are amzing by the way.

    • Pasta pom is a chain here, and I see a lot of families coming in on weekends and such. I don’t know if all the restaurants have open kitchens, but this one does right in the front, so we just happened to sit near it that day. I like looking at people cooking my food, too. Thanks for visiting my site and liking the pictures. 🙂 I will visit yours more in depth later.

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