home made fried rice


Shrimp Fried Rice


I recently made fried rice from some leftovers.  Traditionally, fried rice are made from leftovers from the previous night, so basically anything goes…

This recipe serves about 2-3 people depending on your leftover portions.


  • Rice (2 servings of leftover mixture of brown and white rice)
  • 6 cooked shrimp  (frozen from TJ’s)  You can sub this with meat or tofu
  • Haricot Vert (french cut beans from TJ’s)
  • 3 eggs  (You can sub this with soft tofu.  I will be making a vegetarian version very soon…)
  • Soy sauce (2-3 tablespoon of Kikkoman or any brand of soy sauce you prefer or you can use salt instead of soy sauce)
  • canola oil (or any oil you prefer)
  • sesame oil (optional)
  • scallions (optional)


  • Chop up the shrimp into tiny pieces  (If you don’t have time, it’s okay to just put the shrimp into the rice.)
  • Chop up the green beans into tiny pieces (If you don’t have time, just chop up in 1/2)
  • Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat it, add in a little water or a little oil  (I used a pair of chopsticks for this procedure because it’s more authentic…Lol.  I am only laughing because this is funny to me because of that cheesy movie G rented a few weeks ago.  You can also use a whisk or a fork or whatever you like.)
  • Wash and chop the scallions into tiny pieces if you are using scallions.



  1. Heat up the pan (or wok)
  2. Add in shrimp, stir, drain excess water, and put shrimp aside on a plate
  3. Add a bit of oil into pan
  4. Then put beans into pan and stir until cooked, put beans aside on a plate
  5. Oil up the pan again, pour the entire egg batter into pan, quickly stir the egg as it cooks so that it doesn’t become an omelette or stick to the pan, but instead become smooth shredded egg pieces. Don’t over cook the eggs.  As soon as it solidify, put aside on another plate (sorry, you will have a lot of dishes to do…)
  6. In the same pan, put in a bit of water (1/4 cup) and then empty the leftover rice into the pan. This will help the rice soften up. If you are using fresh rice, you can skip this step.
  7. With the rice in the pan, put in the egg, green beans, and shrimp. Stir and mix.  Measure out the soy sauce or salt ahead of time so you don’t end up pouring too much and add in desired amount.
  8. Taste to make sure it’s okay.  I always add less salt in the beginning and add more if needed.
  9. Add in a tiny drizzle of sesame oil if desired. This adds more fat but smells really good, so totally optional.
  10. Add in scallions if desired. I opted out for this one because I already have the green beans, but feel free to add it if you like it.
  11. Turn off heat and plate the rice.

Hope you have a great meal using your leftovers!!! xo

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  1. Mmmm, love homemade fried rice. SO much better than what they dish up at the local takeout joint

    • Thanks. Anyone can make fried rice from leftovers and so much healthier too. Not that I don’t occassionally order this dish from restaurants…

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