brunch @ Miller’s East Coast Deli

cheese blintzes

We came here for brunch recently.  On this visit, we had a plate of Matzo Brie (fried matzo and scrambled eggs served with hash brown potatoes and whole wheat toast…you can get a bagel if you like, but I prefer whole wheat bread).  We also shared their cheese blintzes with a side of apple sauce and sour cream.  Although we didn’t get this on our recent visit, their pastrami rye sandwich….Awesome!

Their interior also got a bit more spruce up.  I think some artists decorated it.  Also, there’s this crazy looking Chinese Restaurant sign in the back.  Crazy only in that this is an outdoor sign hung indoors.  A bit tacky me thinks.  But then art is really subjective…

Anyhoo…another wonderful brunch with people I love at:

Miller’s East Coast West Deli | 1725 Polk Street | San Francisco
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