more pictures from the boat ride

Sometimes it’s nice to be an explorer of your own city.   And being an explorer in the City means having my fleece on because it was very wintry and foggy.  The view gave me goose bumps.   Love how the sun sets in the distance through the clouds…  (Note to self, buy nicer camera and take more pictures.)

Talking about getting goose bumps, Johann Palchelbel’s music gives me goose bumps.   You are all probably familiar with his Canon in D because it’s so over-played in weddings and whatnot, but you have to admit that it’s rather lovely, is it not?  Here’s the YouTube link.

And if you want to hear a rock version, this one’s preally good.

And in case you are truly sick of Canon in D, it may be refreshing to hear Toccata in E minor. It’s a really lovely piece played on an (old and unique) organ.  Here’s another version of Toccata in E minor so you can hear how it sounds with another organ.

Alright…signing off–

Have a happy & safe weekend!

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