it’s all about the lobster roll @ Woodhouse Fish Company

Rather than fishing around for our dinner, we headed directly to Woodhouse Fish Company several weeks ago…

How do I begin to describe Woodhouse Fish Company?

With it’s brightly painted white walls decorated in a nautical theme (toy boats, giant squid hung above the doorway, fish jaws, etc), a charming mural of San Francisco’s farmland past, a digital frame that loops shots of a fish boat, seagulls flying around, sea water splashing, I started to wonder whether I am on a little boat parked on the pier rather than on Fillmore Street.

And if the surrounding doesn’t charm, the food probably will. What we had on this visit:

  • Wedge Salad with Maytag Blue Cheese  (Quirky as they chop the lettuce in half, so it’s kind of weird to eat, but good & fresh.)
  • Split-top Maine Lobster roll  (Fresh meaty lobster in every bite, and the dressing was not heavy. Delicious!)
  • Sautéed Spinach (yum!)
  • Scrimshaw Pilsner (smooth taste, light, perfect for this meal.)

A visit to their restroom revealed that the nautical theme doesn’t stop at the dining room.  There’s a frame of nautical knots hung above the toilet.  Very interesting…

and all of these made for a wonderful adventure at

Woodhouse Fish Company | 1914 Fillmore Street | San Francisco, CA
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split-top maine lobster rollMenu

Interior of Restaurant


6 responses to “it’s all about the lobster roll @ Woodhouse Fish Company

  1. I did the Lobster Roll last Thursday, with a few Anchor Steams! Tuesday is $1 oysters and you gotta love the hd-filmed movie set in an old picture frame on the North wall…love that place!

  2. Wishing that lobster roll was sitting in front of me right now…

  3. Are lobster rolls easy to find in SF in general? If so, I really missed out on some good eating! I need to go here next time.

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