can i try a veggie dog? @ Let’s Be Frank

On Let’s Be Frank’s website, they claim that their “primary goal is crafting authentic franks that remind people how delicious a “dog gone good” can be: snappy, juicy, and bursting with flavor.”

A tall order, but maybe, just maybe it’s true…

Armed with a Groupon for Let’s Be Frank ($12 for 3/12-oz. packages of franks…a $22 value according to Groupon), G and I took a leisurely walk up and down some famous San Francisco hills, and ended up at Let’s Be Frank just in time to try a few dogs and claim our 3 packages.

Walked in and instant score! Package was ready packed and waiting.  Woohoo!

Then I was like, “Can I try a veggie dog?”

Cooked to order.  G and I were devouring it in a very uncivilized way within minutes. Yum!  But G’s not into veggie dog much although he did say that this one’s pretty good.  So he went back to the counter and got the Frank Dog.  He thought it tasted good but he felt that it’s missing something (probably the preservatives).  He also tried their devil sauce but wasn’t impressed.  I tasted it too and it was just okay sauce to me…not that crazy about it. But their hot dogs were pretty good!  We definitely like it enough to come back…

For now, this is a wrap at

3318 Steiner Street | San Francisco, CA

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the veggie dog

the frank dog

our groupon package of let's be frank dogs

3 responses to “can i try a veggie dog? @ Let’s Be Frank

  1. Really, tell me what a veggie dog tastes like? Very curious! 🙂

    • start off, the veggie dog doesn’t taste like meat to us, but it was soft, and has a “meaty” taste. Probably because of some type of tofu substitute because it mimics the taste of their frank dog. Did they succeed? Partially…but we are meat eaters, so it’s not going to taste 100% like meat to us. However, based on what we have tried in the past, this brand’s veggie dog tasted yummy. Some of the other brands either tasted too heavy (yes, that’s possible) or too grainy (cardboard-ish)… Taste aside, I don’t like the way veggie dogs smell. So I try not to smell it when I do my taste test. Lol. I am not sure why it smells…I am guessing it may be the fermentation of the soy/or grain products?? Anyway, we like this place because they don’t use perservatives and all the other yucky chemicals we usually find in package foods. Hope this answers your question…

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