Swensen’s Ice Cream

1919 Hyde Street | San Francisco, CA

mint chocolate chip ice cream @ swensen's

This is the original location of Swensen’s Ice Cream and the only one in California.  They kept their original location pretty down to earth. Just a walk-in ice cream shop. No seating that I can see.

I checked their website and they are pretty wide spread throughout other states and especially in Asia.

I had a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cone after visiting Za Gourmet.

2 responses to “Swensen’s Ice Cream

  1. OMG – I completely forgot about Swensen’s … used to get some coffee/chocolate thing that was so good! Will be posting about some amazing food in Martha’s Vineyard soon … probably should give you all info and let you do it:)

    • Welcome back!!! Hope you had a great time…

      Oh please, I think we all know you are the better writer. 🙂 Your blog’s great because you write really well, you have a great sense of humor that shows through, and it’s never, ever, boring. I look forward to reading it.

      And as for Martha’s Vineyard, ooooohhhhh…so looking forward to reading all of that! I have never been and wanted to go, so this is perfect for my future “to visit” list. Yay!

      You can be our “insider” guide so to speak! Teehee.

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