Dim Sum Comparison Suggestion Solicited

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing Tong Kiang and/or Yank Sing wining the annual Best Dim Sum year after year in local magazines and newspapers.  Really, I have nothing against these two restaurants, but are they really the best dim sum? Year after year?  And by whose standards anyway?  Are those people’s choice polls truly accurate? Do I dare go against them? Or will I agree with them?

I have no idea right now…but I do love eating dim sum…so this isn’t a bad research project to do.

What I am wondering about is why there are no other Dim Sum restaurants in these parts that are equally good or better than YS or TK? Maybe they are the best…maybe they aren’t. Who knows…hey, maybe you do!

So I am coming up with ways to really measure other dim sum restaurants in San Francisco against them, and hoping to find one or two Davids to pit against these two Goliaths.  This project may take weeks/months, but stay tune because it shall be done.  I will define this in more molecular scope in a later post.

And yes, I realize that this will be one perspective (mine) so may be subjective, but you know what… this is where you come in…You can do the same (or you may already have) and go eat and judge some dim sum.

Please send me your suggestions (if you have any), I would love to read and share them.

Above all, ENJOY!

3 responses to “Dim Sum Comparison Suggestion Solicited

  1. I like City View on Commercial St. in the FiDi. I had a friend, whose boss was from Hong Kong, and she swore by this place(high praise indeed). It was solid quality dim sum and not as cheesy as some of the places in the Richmond on Geary. Let’s just say, on Sunday, you wanna make a reservation!

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