Nam Son Vietnamese Restaurant

Nam Son Vietnamese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
245 Grand Street | New York, NY

It wasn’t my fault.  I am only visiting, so the ordering is not up to me. But can I just say that I am stuffed to the brim from all the food I have eaten thus far.

Every single dish is delicious, and you know what, it’s a real bargain too! (Approx. $130 including 18% tips)

Some of the food we had:

Fried Fish

Imperial Rolls

Lemongrass Shrimp

Grilled meat that one wrap in lettuce and noodles

Tamarind soup with shrimp and shaved lotus roots that is to die for. So delicious! (no picture)

Ong Choy  (watercress) that is absolutely crunchy and yummy. (See greens in first picture.)

And of course, can’t forget a big bowl of Pho (beef noodle soup). (See bowl of soup in first picture.)