Reblog / Link back project: Italian Handful; francescannotwrite

This is the 51st of a 51 series of posts on my reblog or link project. This is the last of the series. It has been a long fulfilling year sharing with you some of my favorites and often-visited sites. Eventhough I am sad that I am unable to include everyone I read, I hope that you will enjoy these last two.

One of my earliest supporter is Adagio at Italian Handful. Eventhough I really don’t know her, she’s been a really good blog friend to me and I am in awe of her creativity. Go visit her site and give her some blog love. 🙂

Speaking of in awe, I am so awestruck by this amazing lady’s writing and analysis of the written word. To see what I mean, you will have to read a few of francescannotwrite blog entries. Sometimes it’s better that you read for yourself.

Have a great weekend! x

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