Reblog / Link Project: Colltales, Baking Bohemian, LeftWithLouie

This is the 46th of a 51 series of posts on my reblog or link project. Since we are running out of time with only 5 more post to go, we are linking to multiple sites starting today.

Some of these sites I have read for a few months while others I have just begun reading for a few weeks, but I like them all.

I am not on the left or right of the political spectrum, I pride myself being a middle of the road person, but that’s totally subjective of course.

I do appreciate good writing, humor, and smart topics like everyone else, so it’s very refreshing to read Colltales. For example, this latest post, Look Up the Number, which talks about relationships, social media, and much more. And this one, Good Morning to All that talks about one seemingly innocent song. But I have to admit that the reason why I started reading was because of Catpurrology and of course,  Cats! Lol.

Then there’s Baking Bohemian. When I saw this beautiful Honey Loaf recipe, I knew I need to share it with others. It’s simple and amazing. And also, I really like this easy corned beef recipe. For those of you that love healthy and easy to make recipes, you may want to check this site out.

And of course, I have to include travel with food. I really like how LeftWithLouie incorporates travel with food.  Like this latest restaurant review on Mamak. It made my mouth water and I want to taste some of that Curry and Roti. Yum! Or this post where he made his own wall garden. What a cool idea!

More blogs to explore and more posts to link next week. Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

3 responses to “Reblog / Link Project: Colltales, Baking Bohemian, LeftWithLouie

  1. Lisa, what a beautiful reblog. I love Jen at Baking Bohemian, and Left with Louie. I love that wall garden too! A must make soon : )
    I definitely need to check out the others you named!!

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