M.Y. China: Dim Sum Lunch

I normally avoid jumping. I normally avoid wagons. I also normally avoid crowds. However, on an abnormally crowded weekend, I jumped into a big wagon with a bunch of people and did not look back.


Our dim sum lunch at the recently opened M.Y. China (Chef Martin Yan’s restaurant) in the Westfield’s San Francisco Shopping Centre was pretty darn amazing.

Aside from our sumptuous dim sum fest that includes har gow (shrimp dumplings) $7, whole wheat potstickers $7, shiu mai (pork dumplings) $6, delicious beef noodle soup $14, Shangdong beef rolls $9, Macau egg tarts $6, and cocktails $$. We also had a choice of still or sparkling water. They have a short wine, beer, cocktails, tea, and soda list. In addition, we also had pretty good service.

Yes, good service. Despite how crazy busy our server was, we still got good service. Some of the other restaurants better take note of that.

And to top that off, we were pleasantly surprised and entertained by a Chef who came out into the dining room (mock) lasso-ing people with noodle dough. (Don’t worry, the dough never touched anyone, so it’s clean.)

Since I only had my cell phone camera, the pictures did not come out as clear. Sorry.

What we didn’t really like are that this restaurant really packed the tables tight. But given how much rent they probably have to pay, I can see why they do it.

The interior is very nicely done. Classy without being overly decorative. A lot of very warm earth tones and clean lines.

I am not gonna lie, prices are a tad high if you compare this to other dim sum restaurants, but it’s not like other dim sum restaurants in the area. You do get good food and service. What you will also get is noise. It’s equally loud if not louder than other dim sum places. Maybe it’s because it’s packed with people. **Despite the Civic Center note in the Urbanspoon tag below, the shopping centre is not in the Civic Center area.

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