Cafe Versailles: Our 5 am coffee craze and frozen empanada

We connected in Miami. It was 5 am there which meant that it was 2 am at home. Normally, I would be asleep, but we were awake and searching for coffee in the early morning (or middle of the night) inside the Miami airport. And we have 5 hours to kill until boarding time. Woohoo.

Even though Nia wanted to find Dunkin’ Donuts to get coffee, the signage was so confusing that we didn’t find it until way later. We ended up getting coffee from one of many Cafe Versailles. CV specializes in Cuban coffee/food, so we were so excited to try it.

Alas, neither of us were impressed. Nia got their Cuban decaf coffee and it tasted horrid to her. I got the American coffee and I thought it was way too strong. Okay, maybe we are just not too keen on the coffee. However, I also got their meat empanadas and after I took one bite, I realized it was frozen inside and it didn’t taste all that great.

To add to that, they were still playing Christmas music. To hear Christmas music around 5 am, eating frozen meat empanadas and drinking way too strong coffee is not what I envisioned. In fact, two of us girls were so tired and depressed we decided to some airport walking. So Nia, myself, and all our bags in a stroller walked from one terminal to another (and back) to pass our time until our boarding time. And yes, we found her Dunkin’ Donuts kiosk in another terminal. By then, she didn’t want any more coffee.
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  1. Sounds like quiet the experience! The frozen meat empanadas doesn’t sound too good either. Now the New Year begins 🙂

    • I am spoiled rotten because I had really good empanadas before this and thought this was going to be great, but none. Should have trusted my gut that most airport food aren’t that great.

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