Kobe Japan: Fun dining experience

I have to tell you a secret. Shhh…come closer. Are you ready for this? I have never been to one of those habachi places where they entertain you while they cook.


But to say that I don’t know what they are or even seen them is a lie. You see, I can see them doing those little tricks like flickering the light as they light up your onion rings on fire creating a sort of food volcano, or when they flip a shrimp and somehow they find it behind your ear? Haha. It’s fun to watch from outside the restaurant when one is shopping in Japantown, but up until this year, I have never sat inside one of those types of restaurant.



Then a coworker/friend had her birthday and invited me along. Oh, really? Where are we going? So excited… And we went to Kobe Japan in Pleasant Hill. Oh, you thought I went to the real Kobe, Japan? I would actually be more excited, but this was really fun too.


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Birthday girl really enjoyed herself. 🙂  The Chef made her a heart out of the fried rice. How cute, right?!?

And the food was good, service friendly, and yes, we were all entertained.

I wouldn’t do this for my birthday, but this was really fun experience. Here’s a picture of my plate of food.



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  1. Looks wonderful! I have heard so much about Kobe’s and have never been to one. I am glad your friend’s birthday was fun!!

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