Corners Tavern: Yummy burger & addictive donuts

No one in my group wanted to do restaurant research claiming they are too busy, so I volunteered and we ended up at Corners Tavern.

Since I am in charge of where to go, we don’t have a problem of going to the same place because I like to go to different ones and see what’s new. Win!

Corners Tavern? Is it a tavern? Hm…no. I don’t think I have been to a real tavern. Maybe a few pretentious ones, but nope, this isn’t one either. Really nice interior and the food is great too!

I did not take a lot of pictures because 1.) I forgot my phone and camera (gasp!) and 2.) I was trying to be less annoying, so only got these two pictures because they were plated so nicely and I had to take a picture of the donuts. Coworker (evil! :)) ordered them. Had one but oh gosh, they were good. Had to keep myself from devouring them but I did it. Just ate one and left them all to her.

If you are wondering how I got these pictures? I borrowed my boss’ phone.

Corners Tavern Burger Corners Tavern Donuts

Let’s talk about food.

  • crispy brussels sprouts, cabernet vinegar,
    parmesan (yummy! our party really love these. apparently, they deep-fried the sprouts and then, lightly pan-fried them again with the cabernet vinegar and finally top it with freshly grated parmesan. we shared 2 orders because they were kind of small but YUM)
  • roasted beets, blue cheese mousse, pistachio (this is one of those dishes that i wouldn’t have ordered if i was by myself, but since i was with a bunch of semi-vegetarians, we got these. again, surprisingly good. the blue cheese was a bit “missed” with some in the group, but we enjoyed it.)
  • grilled steak taco, avocado salsa, radish, jalapenos,
    beans (didn’t try but the person who ordered said it was great.)
  • slow cooked salmon, red romaine, grapefruit
    vinaigrette, avocado (had to sent it back to cook it a bit more due to the salmon being mostly undercooked, but the person who ordered it said it was good when it came back. a bit on the small side and mostly a salmon salad. slow cooked = lightly steamed.)
  • turkey club sandwich, smoked turkey, bacon, ham,
    aioli, house made potato chips (the person who ate it said it was good, but she also asked that the ham and bacon be taken out. so basically she had a turkey sandwich and not a real club sandwich… all the good stuff’s gone…okay.)
  • corners burger, aged cheddar, pickled onions
    house made bun, fries (i got the burger. yes, surprise, surprise. and i like it. 🙂 the fries were so good! and plated so cutely. i also had ginger beer. )
  • donuts (i tried one and they were delicious. thank goodness i ate the burger and made me so full that i couldn’t eat anymore, or else i would have eaten the entire plate.)


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  1. The burger and fries looks so good!! I love how they present the fries. And those donuts; wow! The crispy brussels sprouts sounds delish too!!

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