12 responses to “Street Photography: Pet dog patiently waiting for owner outside a restaurant

  1. What a gorgeous dog! I believe it is a very happy Corgi! It is obvious he loves posing for the camera with that little humble sideward grin on his face : )

    Too cute Lisa!! But I would be afraid someone would take my beloved pet while I was inside an establishment. Luckily nice people like you stop by!

    • you are so kind, judy! 🙂 to be honest, I would be afraid too if I leave my pet outside. especially small dogs. i tend to think the bigger one can fend for themselves but who knows. luckily, we are pretty good pet city. I am always thinking that when I do have a pet again, i will need to go to restaurants that have outdoor tables or go to shops that have big windows so i can check to make sure they are alright. i m paying attention now…haha

    • really? i see a lot of these corgi dogs here. actually, i see a lot of different breeds here. we are pretty pet friendly here…

  2. yes – the Queen has them but they are the least popular dog now in the UK. Nice captures

  3. Yup, totally a corgi! I leave mine outside the store when i have to run little errands! I have a fear of someone running off with him, but the truth of the matter is that they would probably return him just as fast!

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