Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

This week’s photo challenge theme is “Happy”. I have a lot of happy photos, so sharing a few recent ones from our group outing on the ranch. My friend R was holding the farm cat. I tried doing the same at one point and wasn’t very successful. Oh well, I still had an amazing time.

25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. Love the photos! The animals look so content and happy! What a life!

    • They do look happy and very hungry for attention, too. Our group was rather large but these animals welcome us as soon as we exited our vehicle. Had such a great time. There are other farm animals there too, but I seem to only have feature cats and dogs so far. Lol.

    • Thanks ioanna. My friend R’s last outing with our work group. Retirement. So lucky!!! I have many years to look forward to, but it’s nice to see that it can happen… 🙂

      • And yes, that cat knows a good shoulder… When I picked it up to do the same, one its claws got my neck (ouch) but then I was wearing a tank top, so should’ve known better.

    • Hi Angelia, not my pup. The entire dog family (papa, mama, the two teens) live on the ranch we visited. They are very protective of their animals (chickens, goats, sheeps, etc) but great with humans too. 🙂

  2. I like people that like animals. We have rescued several dogs, They are so loyal, partly because they have been abandon and there is always the fear that they will be abandon again.

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