Mission Chinese Food: Fiery hot

I have known about MSF before they became Mission Chinese Food, but this is my first time trying Mission Chinese Food. They also opened another branch of Mission Chinese Food in New York. Part of their proceeds go to charities (Food Banks) and such. 🙂

Nia and I had waited months to try this place. First, our schedule conflicts, then it was because the line was too long, then we scheduled our dinner on a Wednesday and they are not open, then we finally just committed to going and ended up there on a Friday night. The boys decided to join us. Why not, they said, we are up for food, too.

What we weren’t up for was how fiery hot everything was…

Check out my photos below and let me know what you think.

Is this HOT?

(Mongolian Long Beans)

Or is this HOT?

(Chicken Wings)

By the end of the night, I think I was the only one who like the food here. Lol.

I love spicy food. Nevermind that I can’t feel my tongue anymore.

LIKE: Flavorful, SPICY, and some great interpretation of classic Szechuan-styled Chinese food

DON’T LIKE: Some will say it’s too SPICY…  I don’t think Nia like her beer. It was a watermelon beer but it was very subtle and she could barely taste it. All of us drank tea and water. Some of us do not like the food here while some of us mostly like it but not all dishes.

MIXED FEELINGS: Thrice Cooked Bacon. They said that this is a house favorite, but I’ve got to say it wasn’t our favorite dish that night.

Here’s what we ordered:

  • Riblets (not spicy)
  • Chicken Wings (This dish can scare someone! Check out all the red hot chilli peppers ;))
  • Thrice Cooked Bacon (just okay – yes, it’s spicy)
  • Mongolian Long Beans (just okay – yes, it’s spicy)
  • Stir-fried sweet peas (my favorite!!! yes, it’s very spicy)

Mission Chinese Food operates inside another restaurant named, “Lung Shan Restaurant”

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6 responses to “Mission Chinese Food: Fiery hot

  1. Everything looks really, really good! The long beans look delicious, but too spicy may ruin the overall flavor. Lol, the chicken wings scare me too!!

    • You still hold that title then ‘cuz I surely did not eat any hot peppers that night. Just that all the food is coated with the fiery chili peppers or szechuan peppercorn peppers which coats the entire tongue. Crazy heat. I still taste it if I look at the pictures…

    • Oh trust me, most of your posts made me hungry or even worse, makes me want to hop on a plane and go somewhere I can’t afford to go… Lol.

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