Blue Mermaid Chowder House & Bar: Eat the Chowder

Very touristy restaurant, but I like the chowder here. The reason we decided to try this place is because we walked past it many times (our reason for lots of places it seems — Lol) and wanted to try it.

LIKE: New England Chowder. Tastes like what you will expect except that this one also have real clam shells in there. Nice touch.

DON’T LIKE: Burger (G said that the burger’s got a lot of  gristle. I didn’t eat any burger, so taking his word.) Irish coffee wasn’t my cup of coffee either. I don’t drink a lot of Irish coffees because it’s got that cream thing on top that looks amazing and tastes great, but my stomach doesn’t like, but once in a blue moon, I will get that at BV (Bueno Vista) though just cause. But the one here is mediocre and the cream didn’t stay afloat for long after landing. Sorry, didn’t pass that test.

MIXED FEELINGS: Decor (Can’t decide if I like it or not and I usually like almost anything nautical, too.) The Dungeness crab roll sounds heavenly but also didn’t really impress. It’s probably that huge bready roll. My suggestion, lose the bread and make it more of a salad with some yummy greens like frisee.

Blue Mermaid Chowder House & Bar | 471 Jefferson Street | San Francisco, CA

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  1. Everything looks good; especially the soup! Sounds delicious with the real clam shells!

  2. It’s not fair to make me watch this now ;)… I am actually drooling and still have good two hours before my dinner 😉

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