Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea



& whom

would qualify as a free spirit. All things living and some that are inanimate seem to have some purpose and have goals which doesn’t qualify them as free spirits. Thus if I think about it too much, it could be that none of us are true free spirits. However, we can all strive to be free spirits…

When I think of free spirits, I don’t like to associate it with people. I don’t like to associate it with animals either. I am truly not sure if free spirits can be something you can point and say, “Now that’s a true free spirit.” If the person claims to be one, I will take them at their word though… Who am I to judge whether they are or not.

So the most free-spirited thing I can think of (right now) is something like a byproduct of our imagination and or something that is more closer to a fleeting moment. If I have to think of a thing, I would say “fireworks” is a semi-free spirit. It may be programmed by the computer to show a certain pattern, yet, once it reaches the atmosphere, the pattern can slowly change and form other (beautiful) patterns that are/were not formerly predicted.

Took this photo on top of a hillside tennis court near my place one night a few months ago. Although I still need to work on how to photograph better fireworks, I like the juxtapose of the firework (in my mind, a semi-free spirit) behind the restrictive or protective wall of a chain link fence, an inanimate object, but symbolically, the opposite of what is…





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