Set backs, disappointments, and fuel for change

I did not blog for a few days because I have been really busy with work and such. I did get some set backs though. One being that I interviewed for another job at my company that I really wanted, but did not get it. It’s disappointing as I worked hard to get to where I am today, but I understand that things in life do not happen in one straight line. That there are days where I have to fight for somethings — and may lose. I don’t mind that at all, but it bothers me anyway… I guess it’s normal to feel this way.

I will be doing a reblog in the afternoon or maybe on Sunday. So just a bit later than usual. I am sorry. My reason is that I have cried my eyes out almost the entire way home on the train because yes, I am feeling vulnerable now and a bit sorry for myself. Just a bit. (sniff) But I am strong and I will get through this and I am positive that something even more amazing will come along because I know that whatever it is that I am doing isn’t the only thing that dominates my life. And that there are worst situation out there beyond me. Like there are so many people that are without jobs right now or that they have worries beyond anything that I can even imagine. I shouldn’t be too self-centered, but I have to say that I felt just a tad better after crying though I haven’t really stop yet. It’s embarrassing that I am so upset about this, but I am. Not gonna lie. I am also the type of person who goes out of her way to find a silver lining. Because of this, I found out (yet again) that I have amazing people who rally around me (family, friends, and colleagues at work) and I am thankful that I have their support.

Thank you.

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  1. These gut wrenching experiences do not make us strong – it is the getting up and still going which does. Hope the clouds lift and another path appears

  2. My friend, your attitude amazes me – you are very strong and with your positive outlook, it will be fine soon 🙂
    You are always allowed time to sometimes let yourself go but I love that you got out of it!


    • Thanks CCU, I am not 100% me yet, but I am getting better. I am planning on doing my walk/run to really get it out of my system. It’s disappointing, but in the scheme of things, it insn’t bad…

  3. Stay positive and confident; and definitely keep exercising.

    Many, many individuals are searching for jobs at this time. Would you be interested in possibly a temporary part time position somewhere? Please check out temporary positions in your area because much of the time they are a “step into the door”, where the employer can see how valuable of an employee your are; and then end up keeping you for that position or move you into another. This one job that you are disappointed in not getting, may have not been what it seemed on the surface! Please hang in there, and the right job will open up : )

    • Hi Judy, I actually still have my job and I have great bosses, but I was interviewing for a promotion in another department. It didn’t go well even though I thought I was going to get it. It was humbling and a bit embarrassing. I am actually more disappointed at my own reaction to this whole thing. It means that I actually care more about it than I previous thought I did. Funny but very insightful to my own self. Thanks for your advice though. Appreciate it very much.

  4. I have had incredible lows and disappointments as well do I can imagine how you are feeling. I do believe in Kismet and think that the right job will come along for you and well as your outlook on life in will find what you are looking for!

    • Things like this happened before where I interview somewhere and it wasn’t right and then weeks/months later, I realized that it was a blessing in disguise. I never really take it personally. But for the first time, I felt like this was what I wanted and I felt so disappointed in not getting it. I think I got more emotional than I realized and once I started crying on the train, I couldn’t stop. It was just not pretty. Lol. Thanks for your kind words.

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