Super Duper Burgers: Marina Location

Honestly, with so many good burger joints around town, this isn’t as super as they say, but — my own pictures are making me hungry now. Funny how pictures can make food look more appetizing. And trust me, it isn’t ‘cuz I am good at photographing food, it’s the camera. These look duper good, right? Lol. We ate here months ago. Yes, before I stop eating ice cream all together.

LIKE: Homemade pickles and chocolate dip soft serve ice cream cones

DON’T LIKE: A tad more expensive than other burger places


Super Duper Burgers | 2200 Chestnut Street | San Francisco, CA
Super Duper Burgers (Chestnut/Pierce) on Urbanspoon

5 responses to “Super Duper Burgers: Marina Location

  1. Homemade pickles sound delicious! Everything looks sensational!

  2. I can relate my friend, the most amazing burger joint I went to was way expensive but like your pictures show, worth it 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

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