Why my partying days are now over…

This is my last week of the challenge and trying to get my walk/run numbers up.

If I have not been to your blog in the past 3-4 days, I will be checking after Friday is over.

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Quick update: So we attended my friend’s BBQ recently and made last-minute plans to have dinner in the city (I will post soon – maybe next week or so) and get more caught up, etc. We did the dinner (Mexican food) and I had a Strawberry Margarita, a Shrimp burritos, and lots of chips & salsa. While I had a great time at the restaurant, I headed straight to bed at 9:30 which is almost unheard of. Then, I woke up at 12:30 a.m. and was so thirsty. As soon I drank 2 huge glasses of water, I started having the worst heartburn. Needless to say, I felt miserable and couldn’t get back to sleep until about maybe 2:30 a.m. or even 3 a.m. Thankfully, I slept like a log after that and didn’t wake up until morning. Now, I am feeling better. Maybe even go for another training session.

Oh – I won’t be posting my Mindful Monday post this coming Monday because team numbers will just be getting in then, so I will probably post a short summary on how we did on Tuesday and find out our team’s fate.

And maybe we will have a celebratory party…minus alcohol.

Take care all. 🙂


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  1. Nothing worse than alcohol induced heartburn but I have no doubt that burritos and chips added to the discomfort!!!

    • I think another thing is that I ate too much food and that didn’t help. Just came off work, so was quite hungry and they made us wait, so I ate a lot of chips and salsa before the real meal. Top that with alcohol, didn’t help. Thanks for your comment.

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