Virtual Travel: Costa Rica


It’s Wednesday. I think everyone can use a little pick-me-up and dream a little… Pura Vida.

Source: via Peninsula on Pinterest

Source: via Peninsula on Pinterest

13 responses to “Virtual Travel: Costa Rica

    • Agreed. Amazing waterfall… I tried their pineapples before they are delish, so can’t wait to eat some on location when I finally visit…one of these days…

  1. Nice pictures of Costa Rica Lisa! I love Peninsula Papagayo, I try to go every now and then. I should actually go more often as it’s not to far from my house. Although I scuba dive, I have never seen any Manati… I was quite surprised to see that choice of picture for your tribute to Costa Rica. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to see one.
    I hope you make it down here as it’s a wonderful place to visit. The last waterfall is amazing and after the hike you need to do to reach it, there is nothing better than to go jump in the fresh water. Pura Vida!

    • I pinned it because I think Manati is really cute and because manatees are considered an extinct species in most part of Costa Rica, but I also read that in Tortuguero National Park, you can find them. I would love to see them and those turtles. And the monkeys of course. Lol. One day soon, I will be visiting. 🙂

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