Renegade Craft Fair: Fest for the eyes

This is our second year attending… LOVE it. So much beautiful craft and just fest for the eyes. For someone who is trying to live lighter and consume less, I sure did the opposite this past weekend. Oh well, I am supporting local and/or homemade products from all over the U.S., so I guess I am helping our local economy just a tad. A lot of these vendors (if not all) have Etsy shops. And I got to pet a few dogs, too. That’s extra bonus and my favorite part.

Besides San Francisco, Renegade Fairs are also happening in these cities:

  • Austin, TX (already happened)
  • Brooklyn, NY (already happened)
  • San Francisco, CA (already happened)
  • Los Angeles, CA (July 28 – 29, 2012 Los Angeles State Historic Park)
  • Chicago, IL (Sept 8 – 9, 2012 Division Street in Wicker Park)
  • London, UK (Sept 15 – 16, 2012 Old Truman Brewery)

Here are some pictures. Happy Monday y’all. 🙂



9 responses to “Renegade Craft Fair: Fest for the eyes

  1. Ohhh love craft fairs like this – usually have to go by myself because my other half draws the line in compromising doing this with me – ha! Thanks for sharing – Have a Great Week!

    • Lol – i think he will enjoy these though, there’s a beer garden – forgot to mention that. Oops! And there are a lot of vendors selling different things. Good varieties. Oh and pretty good food.

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