Friday Music: Reflections, Beauty, Believe

Happy Friday!  Thank you for all your well wishes. I am doing so much better today.

Thought I will do something different today. Originally, I was going to feature a few party songs that G recommended and I totally enjoy, but due to my mood, I decided instead to feature leading Asian Singer/Actress, Ms. Lea Salonga. She’s a world-famous soprano from the Philippines, so no need for me to introduce her, but I put the wiki link on her name just in case.

I am also featuring a few other talented singer/artists that I think deserve a look. I put their YouTube channel or their homepage link right under their vids. Hope y’all enjoy these and wishing all of you a beautiful weekend.

Reblog tomorrow. xo

Lea Solanga

Connie Lim [This song and style reminds me of Nora Jones.]

Grace Lee [I think this song really features her talents and show off her range because not everyone can sing Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.]

Jason Chen [Great song, awesome vid.]

12 responses to “Friday Music: Reflections, Beauty, Believe

  1. This is Connie Lim; found your blog post! thank you for sharing. Please keep in touch with me. I’m enjoying you blog!!!

  2. Love the Connie Lim song and video. So cool to see that she found your blog post! Good stuff, thanks for sharing good music with us to discover. 🙂

  3. I saw Lea Salonga performing as Fantine in the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Misérables (on DVD). She sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ so beautifully and gracefully… Absolutely in love.
    Connie Lim also reminds me of Norah Jones. Her voice is lovely and unique.
    Do you know Charice?

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