Mindful Monday: Shoes and Glitter?!?

Okay, I am starting to think maybe I shouldn’t be blogging about work here. After all I can’t talk about the numbers of steps we done because its top-secret and I pretty much can’t talk about anything else except it’s going…


Hm, I do want to say that I have a coworker who’s an amazing craft person. She made this really good looking chart to chart our walk progress. And she did these cut outs of shoes and stilettos. And then we decorate with glitter and such. I felt like a kid again playing with glitter. Pretty! Shiny! Glittery


Deutsch: Glitter

Deutsch: Glitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Even some of my coworkers whom I don’t’ think would get into this type of silly project got into it. Thank you so much for supporting our team ladies and gents!!!


I think this type of project bring us back to a simpler times when we were kids and playing with crayons and such…


But that’s about it because our shoe stencils have definitely taken more of a haute couture look since we started. The boys have their shoe stencils and they can chose to decorate how they like, but the ladies in our office have definitely taken the shoe stencils to new heights. (Pun intended.)

While my boss cut one of the stencils out to look like a pair of really cute black stilettos, my other coworkers had to decorate theirs with a red bottom… You know why right? She wants it to look JUST LIKE the Louboutin shoes that are all the rage right now! For those of you scratching your heads going WHAT in the world?!? Christian Louboutin’s shoes have a certain Pantone -18 Chinese Red on all their shoes. See this article here from the Daily Mail and you will be all caught up on your fashion. Lol.



Français : Escarpin ouvert "peep toe&quot...

Français : Escarpin ouvert “peep toe” à plateforme, en cuir noir verni, modèle “Lady Peep”, marque Christian Louboutin, talon 150mm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





I started out with stilettos stencil with these wild blue and black pattern and then screeching to a halt — changed it to — UGGS.  Some of you are going, “Are you crazy girl? That’s LIKE so 10 years ago!” I know…but it’s so much more comfy. Try walking in a pair of stilettos (any pair) for an hour or two and let me know how you feel. Back injury waiting to happen. Not to mention that I will probably twist my foot again like I did about two years ago with my high heel accident. No thanks!



Pair of chestnut Ugg boots with jeans tucked i...

Pair of chestnut Ugg boots with jeans tucked into them (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Anyway, another week of wonderful walking on flat shoes or just a bit of heels for me. I will leave the stiletto walking to ultra, ultra, ultra special occasions. Hope you all found this post to be entertaining even though I told you nothing about our walking.

Happy Monday! 🙂


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  1. Happy moday to you too…… This is my favourite day because tuesday is my day-off. Huhuhu. My new job stole my weekends.

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