Bix: Retro

We went to Bix, a romantic retro jazz supperclub reminiscent of the 1930 – 40s to celebrate my friend Nia’s birthday. I have no idea why but our waiter was rather rude.

The place is retro looking with a curved bar area. Jazz music playing nightly. What was striking for someone who likes nautical themes is that some part of their decor reminded me of certain ships. A quick check on their website confirmed that. “The ambiance is pure 1930s and ’40s — tasteful art moderne reminiscent of the glory days of Cunard and French Line ships. Fashionable and glamorous are the hallmarks. Trendy is simply not a part of the BIX culture.”

Food was okay according to everyone. I wasn’t “Wow” by our dinner, but I think Nia really liked her pork chop. 🙂  I do like the cheese plate and the chocolate cherry pudding dessert. Since there were a few of us at this dinner, I wasn’t able to photograph everyone’s dinners, so here are just a few pictures.

LIKE: Decor, live music, desserts

DON’T LIKE: Our waiter


BIX Restaurant | 56 Gold Street | San Francisco, CA

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  1. Love the good-looking desert. Somehow parties for girls in restaurants seem to be a magnet to rude waiters. Just know it by experience; have no idea why. Hopefully, you guys tipped him handsomely, so next time, if there will be ever one, he’ll know better.

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