Nap time

I still have a HUGE backlog of food posts. In order not to bore the people who read my blog (and myself) who aren’t into food and dining all the time, I will space it out with other interesting posts.

Right now, my interesting post is about felines. Yes, I swear I will post dogs, architecture, flowers, nature, thoughts, writing, etc. But now, I am in cat mood. Just purr with me. It has been a very stressful work week and it’s only Tuesday going on Wednesday. Cats seem to be helping and those goats too for whatever reason… I guess maybe because they are really cute.

So I went to my friend’s house a few weeks ago to attend her son’s party. I took pictures of the kids, their mommy and daddy and their guests. Fun times.

Anyway, after the party’s over and before my friend drops me home, I walked around the neighborhood and found this cat napping under some plants at her neighbor’s yard. Of course, yours truly has to photograph this cat also.

Lucky cat. I want a nap, too.

Good night y’all. x

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