Mindful Monday: Walk and Nap

I can’t give away the numbers we walked, but just know that it’s progressing. Some of my coworkers have been amazing and have done biking, spinning, other exercises and converted those activities into steps to help our team. Everyone’s been amazing!

Apparently I napped during one of the meetings because aside from doing these walks to help ourselves which in turn will make us healthier and in turn, may help us lower insurance, we are also donating money to local charities for every step we take. Final numbers and amount will be announced at the end they told me, so I am excited about that.

And talking about napping… I have done just that when I took a few days off for the July 4th holiday. I love naps. Didn’t used to when I was a kid, but now that I am an adult, it’s amazing what length I go to, to recapture stuff I didn’t used to like to do. Lol.

I was going to post a picture of me napping (Lol), but then thought better of it and decided to post this little fellow instead. 😉  [Not my cat and he’s not napping either.]

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  1. You deserve to have as long a rest as you need my friend – your schedule sounds hectic but so full of great activities 🙂


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