Things you see when you walk around…Goats!

Okay, enough (late) food postings today…

I want to show you some very happy goats. Why are they happy? They just ate a whole hillside of weeds. But don’t worry, they are invited guests. This is the environmental way to weed a hill. You can read more about that from City Grazing.

What I saw…

Because the goats are inside their pen at the time (is that correct? is that thing holding them inside a pen?), I stuck my camera on top and just took pictures. So naughty I know. 😉 But so cute! Don’t you agree?

And one of the goats came up to the me here and I petted his nose…

11 responses to “Things you see when you walk around…Goats!

    • Yeah, they hire the goats out to do many jobs, public and private lands. This is the second time I have run into them in the city. 🙂

  1. Ha ha…. Now I feel kinda guilty…
    I love your roast lamb but I also love these cuties.
    How come I eat something that’s so cutie, L?

    • Thanks for reminding me about that LC. I am glad I made and served that before seeing this… They are cute and I probably wouldn’t eat them…

  2. >I have never tried Sengalese food before. Did you try? Also, those cupcakes look amazing… Did you eat that?
    No and no… 😦

    I bought a pear tart instead. 😉

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  4. We have a company down here somewhere who rents out 100 goats at a time to eat the hillsides. As soon as the first wildfire hits, his business booms!

    • Yeah, SoCal’s been hit with lots of wildfires in recent years, so that’s definitely a good thing to trim back unwanted vegetations. Smart business move!

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