Buon Appetito: Delizioso!

Ciao! After encountering mystery mascot and some browsing at the arts festival in San Diego’s Little Italy,  we decided to have a proper dinner.

Where to go?

We almost went to eat pizza at a place called Isola Pizza Bar, but decided we wanted a bit more traditional Italian food. So we went across the street and ended up waiting for a table at Buon Appetito.

Buon Appetito was so busy that day. We asked about the wait time and the hostess said it could be a long wait, but if we don’t mind sitting at the bar, we can sit there right then.

Oh yeah. We took it and couldn’t be happier!

To start, we had some wine and the Polenta alla Boscaiola, consisted of grilled polenta served with wild mushrooms sautéed with olive oil, garlic and parsley and topped with Gorgonzola cheese. It was so delicious!

Polenta alla Boscaiola

Then we had this pasta dish. Yum. Don’t remember the name just now… Could be Pasta Bolognese. (Sorry about the blurry picture here.)

And upon recommendation from our bartendar and the couple next to us having the same dish, we also ordered this! Seafood Risotto. Omg, it was amazing!

Lastly, we ended this delicious meal with Hazelnut Ice Cream dessert. Look how pretty it is! I actually don’t like this dessert for some odd reason, but I do love how it looks.

Buon Appetito | 1609 India Street | San Diego, CA

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