San Diego Zoo: Pandas and others…

The first time I saw a red panda was in the animated movie, Kung Fu Panda. Fun movie to watch. 🙂

See Master Shifu in the middle?

I know…silly me.  So I was so excited to see a real red panda at the San Diego Zoo.

Oh – before I forget. All those of you who guessed “Red Pandas”  WELL DONE!

Your reward for guessing correctly? The panda pictures below.

The rest of you who didn’t guess or did not get it right, don’t look.  Lol.  Just kidding.

Hope you like them. 😀

From left to right: Viper, Monkey, Mantis (on ...

From left to right: Viper, Monkey, Mantis (on Monkey’s head), Master Shifu, Tigress, and Crane. The Furious Five are homages to the Crane, Snake, Monkey, Praying Mantis, and Tiger styles of Chinese martial arts. “Kung Fu Panda-production-five fighting warriors.”. DreamWorks . . Retrieved September 1, 2008 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The red panda

Sorry I couldn’t get a full view. The line was really long and I got a really bad sunburn that day. OUCH!!! But was it worth it to see the Pandas?


Red Panda at San Diego Zoo

Here are the two Giant Pandas.

Giant Panda – Bai Yun is a female Panda (means White Cloud in Mandarin)

Gao Gao is a male Giant Panda. Gao Gao was born in the wild in China, around 1992.

San Diego Zoo is a huge zoo and you will see so many animals there.

I kind of like this zoo because it’s a research center and it’s nice to see that injured animals can stay here to live out their lives.

I took a lot of pictures and sharing just these few… Hope you guys like them. Have a great day.

14 responses to “San Diego Zoo: Pandas and others…

  1. I love that zoo, but what surprises me is how expensive the admission is!

    • Hi Frances. I did not check into their op chart to see where the funds go, but i think a lot of it do go to taking care of the animals, so ok with that. 🙂

  2. The red panda is cute. The black/white panda’s pose reminds me of our dog!

  3. Loving your photos! I LOVE the San Diego Zoo – was there last Spring and my other half could not believe we spent almost a whole day there looking at the animals. The BONUS was seeing a baby giraffe being born! Have a Great Day:)

    • Renee, that’s amazing! Love giraffes. And yes, we were just as surprised about the time there as well. Have a great day also! 🙂

  4. Wow! A red panda! I didn’t know that. Pandas were always been my favorite. Them look so cuddly. Beautiful creatures. Fun and exciting photos. Thanks for today’s inspiration.

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