Panera Bread: Yummy Strawberry Poppyseed & (optional) Chicken Salad

I didn’t even think this combo is possible, yet Panera Bread offers it. What am I talking about? The Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad of course!

I got mine without Chicken (in case you are looking for it.) 🙂

I love the fresh tasting strawberries and all the other fruits in this salad. It’s perfect for summer. My only problem with this salad is that I can’t seem to find the poppyseeds.

We also tried the Cuban Chicken Panini. It sounded so good to us at the time, but it was just okay. Of course, I have only eaten one Cuban meal in my life (so far), so not an authority on Cuban cuisine… This just doesn’t seem very Cuban to me for some reason.

Totally vouching for the salad.

Panera Bread | 225 Broadway | San Diego, CA

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