Kara’s Cupcake: S’mores please

S’mores cupcake from Kara’s

I am going to interrupt my travel posts and tell you about Kara’s Cupcake today.

Firstly, sorry about the fuzzy picture. The S’mores cupcake actually looks so much cuter in real life than in this photo. 🙂  And it tasted really sweet too. Kara’s cupcake have several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, but this cupcake is from the Walnut Creek store.

What makes this cupcake oh so popular? It’s got a graham cracker crust on the bottom of the chocolate cupcake and a marshmallow top. I know — O.M.G.!

Kara’s Cupcake | 1388 N. Main | Walnut Creek, CA
Kara's Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

8 responses to “Kara’s Cupcake: S’mores please

    • Hey CCU, I am looking into making a version of this for mother’s day. So if I find/adapt a recipe, I will share it soon. No plane trip required. 🙂

    • Glad you are sticking with your new lifestyle. 🙂 I actually am working on eating healthier too but once in a while, I want to have a cupcake. 🙂

      • I spent a lot of time hiking Tilden Regional Park, Redwood Regional Park, and Mt. Diablo State Park. Had co-workers who lived near them and introduced me to them.

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