Lime Tree: Our Southeast Asian Food Stall Experience

Lime Tree ia a Southeast Asian restaurant that serves a mix of dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand.

Stepping into this restaurant is like entering one of those food stalls you see in Southeast Asia. The place looks and smells authentic upon entering.

Slightly underground, music blaring in the background and the smells of fried food hung in the air.

As we entered, we saw that a family of four digging into their chili fried crab. We instantly knew that was a good sign.

On this visit, we ordered mostly Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Beef Rendang (beef curry). Without even realizing it, these two dishes are restaurant favorites because after we sat down, we noticed that everyone after us were having something very similar or exactly the same thing we ordered.

The fried rice was a tad dry but tasted great with the beef rendang and sauce. The beef rendang was just amazing and the whole meal was very flavorful. Just thinking about it made me lick my lips.

Next time we go, we will have to go back to try their yogurt chicken or their chili crab, if that’s still in season.

If you have been to Lime Tree before and would like to make recommendations, we are all ears. 🙂

Lime Tree | 450 Irving Street | San Francisco
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