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  1. Hmmmm you should try Indian tea – it’s really good, full of spices but not in spicy hot way – more of a herbal way.

      • I don’t know where you would get it – since it’s really the method not the tea itself. You just boil tea like you normally would (regular tea, nothing fruity, the stronger the better). You add Indian spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamom. Then once it’s all boiling you add milk. You allow for another boill and then you’re done. Milk is required – which makes it different than just water tea.

        • Thanks Amritpal. I will give a try some time on this Indian milk tea. By the way, i don’t why I missed your comment until now. Have a great day & weekend! Cheers!

    • Thanks Kay!:) In the picture, that’s aged Earl Grey. I luv chamomile too. Right now, i am drinking some green tea at work. Just taking a small break and peeking in what’s happening. Will come over and see what going on in your space later. 🙂

  2. I’m more of a Chinese tea drinker … oolong, jasmine (I do however enjoy a good Earl Grey more often than not). I drink tea at night, it seems to help calm my nerves. I especially like it when I have late night cravings for things that I shouldn’t be eating (ie red velvet cake, donuts, chocolate fudge cake) …. for some reason hot tea tames those cravings (a bit).

    • Oh me too. You know that I drink a lot of Chinese tea. I grew up on the stuff. Tea culture pretty much originated from China and through trade and other means (some controversial, some not) it passes through other cultures. Japan has a very refined tea culture because they also take their tea seriously and continues to practice tea ceremonies. If you are interested, you can check out this documentary on tea call, “All in This Tea” by David Lee Hoffman as he travels through China finding the perfect tea leaves. G introduced that to me. 🙂 I love earl grey tea because Lord Grey or those that formulated for him refined the tea with bergamot oil making it smell wonderful. As for the cravings, you are so right about that…I just can’t believe you are eating donuts though. Get me one next time. On second thought, nevermind. 🙂

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