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On April 17, I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award  by J.G. Burdette at Map of Time A Trip Into the Past.  J.G. Burdette writes about U.S. History and Nautical history. Two subjects I am really interested in. Also, I know many of you have watched the movie, Titanic, but do you actually know much of the history? Me neither, so check out J.G.’s post on the Titanic. It’s really fascinating read. 🙂

Thank you so much for the nomination of fLVE. As always, I am grateful for the mention and the blog love. 🙂 And this blog award is so nicely designed too.

As one of the recipient of this award, I will have to tell 7 things about myself and then nominate 7 other blogs and those I nominated will have to do the same. This is an award to promote other very inspiring blogs, so keep it going if you can.

Since I have been constantly talking about myself lately, I hope this doesn’t bore you all to tears… Here goes:

1.) Being a night owl, hoot, I tend to visit your blog and leave comments and LIKE at night. And talking about Owls, I find that they are so cute but I would not keep them as pets because I don’t really believe in keeping birds as pets. I am ok with other people doing so if they can properly care for them, but I found that unless you are a rescue group, I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

2.) I think some of you know this already, but I love pets. Especially cats and dogs. I am living with family now that’s allergic to animal dander, so I can’t have any as pets, but maybe some time down the line, I would love to have a cat and/or a dog.

3.) Even though I enjoy having company, I find that being comfortable with self is very important. So I have no problem being alone. No problem attending events, traveling, going to movies, etc by myself. Sometimes I even prefer it.

4.) Love food and travel. When planning a trip, I always look for places to eat/dine. Good food always makes travel that much more exciting.

5.) Some of you already know I like to learn more about local history. But some of you don’t know that I also like flea and antique markets. Places like that holds treasure troves of interesting finds. Cindie, a friend of mine gave me a book of flea markets in a certain city famous for these markets and I love it so much. 🙂 I don’t intent to buy a lot of things though because as I get older, I find that I rather have the pleasure of collecting experiences than things…

6.) Really trying to put in the time to practice meditation and yoga this year. It keeps me calm, relax and helps with sugar cravings. I love food, but I found that excessive of anything is not good for anyone. Especially me. Lol.

7.) Not a professional photographer or anything remotely close, but I do like to take a lot of pictures.  What I love to do is take pictures of anything that I find beautiful or interesting throughout my day. This practice makes me appreciate the beauty and the blessings of everyday life. for the nomination…(I don’t like this part because I feel like I am almost always leaving out many other deserving blogs that I like & read…sorry! :()

I am nominating the following 7 blogs because in their own perspective and genre, they really inspire themselves and other people to follow their dreams, rise above whatever obstacles we encounter in our daily lives or past situations, and through their blogs, they show that they value the present moment and the love of life & beauty that surrounds them. Because of all those things, I think that each one of you is a Very Inspiring Blogger. Congratulations to:


2. cast light

3. cravesadventure

4. pure complex

5. bucket list publications

6. LadyRomp

7. faithandmeow

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  1. There have been some very valuable discoveries at flea markets. As I recall a couple of years back a family Bible turned up at a flea market.

  2. I just got back from spending time with my mom and I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU.. for nominating me for this award :). And of course Congrats are in order :). You completely deserve this

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