Blog News – Blog love served weekly… (coming soon)

In an earlier post (a few days ago), I talked about how appreciative I am of everyone’s support over these past two years of blogging. And how blogging introduced me to a lot of great blogs out there.

So to back up what I wrote, I am going to start reblogging what I really like from the blogosphere one post a week, every week, from various blogs I read until my blog’s next anniversary. I am starting this Saturday.

And to start, I am going to go through everyone that’s on my blogroll first before venturing off to other new blogs. These reblog posts may be newly published or old favorites, and I don’t even know what I will reblog yet, so hopefully, it will be as exciting for me as it will be for you. I hope you like my selections.

Talk to you all later and watch for the first of these reblog post this Saturday, April 14.

Cheers! 🙂

4 responses to “Blog News – Blog love served weekly… (coming soon)

  1. Great idea 🙂
    I didn’t even start making a blogroll yet, because there are sooooo many interesting, talented and fun people (and places and recipes) on WP that I don’t know where to start.
    Anyway, looking forward to reading your fave’s! Have fun reblogging!

    • Thanks! I am looking forward to sharing my faves. It seems kind of daunting because that’s a lot of weeks (51 weeks) but I think it will be great to really mix it up. I also envision that along the way, new blogs that I haven’t read yet are going to pop into my radar so that will be really exciting… I am not planning to post/reblog/link to anything or anyone too controversial because my blog’s not about that.

    • Thanks Kay. Really sweet of you to say that. I am thinking of either doing reblog or linking to the posts I like. It will be really fun way to introduce others’ work. Just realize that I read more than 50+ links so it should be interesting to see what I will be introducing as well. As of right now, I am just setting up my spreadsheet and just letting things randomly sort themselves out… I know that you will be one of those people that I am looking forward to feature. Problem is, your blog’s so good, I don’t know if I can just pick one post! 🙂

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