Nordstrom Cafe Bistro: Delish food, shopping, and view

Long time ago, in a far, far away galaxy, I used to work for a fancy schmancy place in downtown and one day, a HQ VIP strolls in for a visit and ask me (I was the only one working inside the office that day) where to take one of our client for a quick massage in the City. I suggested 2 places which he promptly rejected due to whatever reason (one of them being a really fancy spa in Nob Hill with a nice indoor infinity pool) and then finally told him that if he wanted to treat them but not go crazy overboard, then go get the massages at Nordstrom’s and that he can also can also take them shopping if they don’t feel like a massage. He gave me this look and said, “What? Are you crazy? Spa at Nordstrom?!” And proceeded to treat his client to some no-name spa that he found on the net that has probably closed their door by now. Nordstrom spa is still around…just saying.

View from Nordstrom Cafe Bistro

Besides shopping and spa, they have a very nice bistro that serves some rich & sumptuous food to replenish you after a hard day shopping :). You will also find a great view (see my picture of the view of the Powell Street Cable Car turnaround) without the hustle and bustle noises of downtown. Totally worth your while as their prices here are incredibly reasonable. Service is friendly (no snobs here) and professional, and you don’t have to eat a fancy meal if you don’t feel like it. Plenty of times, people just pop in for a light meal and call it a day.

Nordstrom Cafe Bistro | 865 Market Street | San Francisco

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4 responses to “Nordstrom Cafe Bistro: Delish food, shopping, and view

  1. The food definitely looks like its worth it. And food, shopping, and spa is my type of living girl. I wish I had that day today lol.

  2. Growing up my mom and grandmother would take me with them for lunch, spa/salon and shopping at Dayton’s – loved that girl time:) Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s wonderful Renee! 🙂 I think it’s so wonderful that you got to spent quality time with mother and grandmother…

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