Photo Friday: Rear view look of the Ferry Building


Happy Friday and if you are like me, it’s more like TGIF!

You have probably seen many shots of the Ferry Building from the front, so here are  a couple of pictures of the rear of the building. I took these a few months ago and completely forgotten about them until now.

Oh…don’t forget, for some of us, it’s Spring forward on Sunday. Meaning that if you are ole fashion like me and still have a clock, on Saturday night before you go to sleep, you tune your clock 1 hour ahead (e.g. 2 am becomes 3 am.)


6 responses to “Photo Friday: Rear view look of the Ferry Building

    • Thank you Renee. TGIF and Happy weekend to you also. By the way, you spark my interest in looking up my Hawaii photos taken eons ago. I may post some of those in the future, but those were taken pre-digital, so may not be as sharp. Lol.

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