T2J: Juicy Pad Thai

T2J used to be Little Thai and I didn’t like Little Thai because one time, I got a garden snail in my food and I didn’t order escargot. Lol. Anyway, I recently found out that they are now under new management, so we went back there to try.

The Pad Thai that we ordered was really juicy and full of tamarind flavor which we love. So yes, we are really happy with this place now. And the BBQ dishes are really good also. We haven’t tried anything else since we went back shortly after that and basically ordered the same things again.

I have to admit that the first visit was better than the second visit though. Here’s what I think are the reasons but I don’t know for sure–

1) On the first visit, we arrived for dinner and the second for lunch so maybe the Chef’s different?

2) First visit, Pad Thai had a lot more tamarind flavor and it may be because it was served with a slice of calamansi instead of slice of lime. The flavor of the calamansi really complimented the Tamarind flavor well and made the dish wonderfully citrusy and juicy, thus my title, Juicy Pad Thai. 😀

Second visit, we got lime instead and although I love lime on Pad Thai, after trying the calamansi here, I wanted that again. But I will take lime over lemon on Pad Thai any day. For some reason, the flavoring is just not the same to me.

All in all, delicious. 🙂

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T2J | 2065 Polk Street | San Francisco, CA

10 responses to “T2J: Juicy Pad Thai

  1. I don’t like Pad Thai because the sour taste.
    But I love the rest of Thai Food. Tom Yum Soup, Stir fried, Thai curry…. everything 😀

    • Yeah, everyone’s taste buds a bit different. I actually like the stronger tamarind flavor which can be a bit sour. As for tom yum, it’s sour too but no noodle. 🙂

        • I like the sour soups too. I like tom yum gai and tom yum gung. I just have our California versions, so wanted to know whether they are suppose to put mushrooms in them? Because the Thai places I go to put mushrooms into the soup and don’t know if that’s authentic…

  2. I am not a calamari person, so I won’t comment on that lol. But I do dislike when they switch out chefs on me at a restaurant lol. The food is good during one part of the day and the next not so great lol. Ahh such is life lol

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